QR Codes for Taxes: How the IRS Creates an Easier Process for Taxpayers

Taxes can be daunting—no ifs, no buts! That’s why the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) developed a no-contact QR code option where taxpayers can view information about their taxes. This has eliminated the need for a tax middleman, making the process a lot more organized.

The IRS supports QR codes for the following documents:

  • CP14, Balance Due
  • ACS Letter LT16, Please Call Us About Your Overdue Taxes or Tax Return
  • CP501, Individual Balance Due, First Notice
  • CP503, Individual Balance Due, Second Notice
  • CP504, Final Balance Due Notice, Intent to Levy
  • ACS Letter LT11, Final Notice and Notice of Intent to Levy and Your Notice of a Right to a Hearing
  • ACS Letter LT17, Please Take Action on your Balance Due Using our Online Services
  • ACS Letter LT19, Pay Your Outstanding Tax Returns

These local government QR code for taxes make tax paying a lot more hassle-free and consolidate all information about taxation. This all-in-one tool keeps the process organized, making taxes a little less daunting.

Create and access your taxpayer account

Once the taxpayers scan the QR code, they can create an account, where they can set up their payment plan or contact Taxpayer Advocate Service for more information. These accounts are designed with simple language to make them easier to understand.

Download a soft copy of your tax document

If you need a soft copy of your tax document, you can simply scan the QR code in your printed document to download a PDF file on your mobile phone. You can use these files for your own reasons—be it for your own filing and safekeeping or using them for employment purposes.

Validate the authenticity of the tax document

To check if all information in your tax document is correct, simply scan the QR code to validate its authenticity. This ensures you pay the correct amount and are credited to the right payment method. This also gives you the option to double-check whether all the details are correct.

Check the full payment details and instructions

Having an account that gives you easy access to your taxpayer file also means you can check the taxes you owe in real time. As mentioned, you can also refer to the full list of instructions to complete your payments in the right means.

Pay your due taxes on or before the deadline

One of the most daunting processes of tax payments is keeping up with the deadlines. From filing to paying these taxes, there’s a strict deadline set by concerned agencies. With a new QR code from the IRS, you get notified of the deadline to settle your taxes accordingly.

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