Eagle Roofing Products Expands Capacity And Prepares To Release A New Color Offering in the Western United States | News

RIALTO, Calif., Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Eagle Roofing Products is proud to announce an expansion of manufacturing capacity and the pending release of a refreshed color palette for the Arizona, California and Nevada markets and surrounding regions, which also includes Western Canada. Eagle’s 2022 – 2023 Western offering will be comprised of approximately 100 flat concrete roof tile choices, as well as over 80 high and medium profile selections, and includes 35 new products.

“Eagle Roofing Products has thrived for over three decades because of our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and excellence in customer service. We also have a relentless drive to keep evolving by exploring opportunities to expand and renew our concrete roof tile collection, supporting the beauty in exterior design while delivering high-performing roofing products that our customers can count on,” said Lissette Pamplona, Director of Marketing at Eagle Roofing Products. “Over the past two years we have worked closely with influential colorists, architects and builders to ensure that our product offering aligns well with today’s needs and tomorrow’s trends.”

Eagle’s efforts to refresh their offering aligns well with their business strategy to expand production capacity in the West to meet the mounting demand for concrete roof tile in its current markets while capitalizing on new opportunities for growth. This mindset is expected to enable Eagle to strengthen its earnings power while staying rooted in their mission of providing beautiful, long-lasting roofing solutions. “Our best customers have expressed great confidence that they expect continued growth in the U.S. residential housing market in 2022 and beyond,” stated Dave Skierkowski, Southwest Regional Director for Eagle Roofing Products. “We assessed our business in Q4, made some difficult decisions and executed a forward-looking approach that will enable us to significantly increase our manufacturing capacity in an effort to take care of the builders who have committed to grow with us”. “It’s not to say that we haven’t had internal and external conversations about possibly decreasing our SKU’s, but that’s not what our customers want,” stated Skierkowski.

Eagle’s unique, continuous color mixing system enables color changes “on the fly” thereby eliminating the need for downtime. This has enabled the company to leverage the power of their manufacturing plants to offer their customers the reliability and flexibility they desire.

For more information on the Eagle Roofing Products or to request a free concrete roof tile sample, please visit eagleroofing.com.

About Eagle Roofing Products

Eagle Roofing Products is a division of Burlingame Industries, a California based, privately held family organization that has been in the concrete roof tile industry for over 30 years. Founded in 1989 with five employees, Eagle has grown to four manufacturing plants, five design centers and a work force of 700 employees. As the largest USA made, USA owned concrete roof tile manufacturer in the United States, Eagle Roofing Products specializes in providing concrete tile roofing solutions for the building industry.

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