Zentek expands business in Guelph with new ZenGUARD™ manufacturing facility

Zentek expands business in Guelph with new ZenGUARD™ manufacturing facility

Zentek expands business in Guelph with new ZenGUARD™ manufacturing facility

Guelph, Ont., July 12, 2022— After two years of research and development, Zentek officially celebrated the opening of its new ZenGUARD™ manufacturing facility at 1123 York Road in June.

The new manufacturing facility is the second Zentek facility in Guelph. Zentek also owns a 4300 square foot research and development laboratory space at 24 Corporate Court.

“We really feel that the sky’s the limit for our company in Guelph,” says Zentek Ltd. director of marketing and communications, Tyler Dunn. “Guelph has everything we need and is a hub of innovation that’s a natural fit for our company. We also have a great working relationship with the University of Guelph and being nearby is important.”

ZenGUARD™ is a proprietary enhanced-technology coating that transforms simple but critical items, like surgical masks, into advanced protective tools. The patent-pending coating allows local clinics, emergency rooms and surgical units peace of mind to focus on delivering essential medical care to patients in need. Public health protection extends beyond a clinical setting and Zentek is exploring additional uses for its ZenGUARD™ coating, including adding advanced protection to heating, ventilation and air cooling (HVAC) filtration systems.

Mayor Cam Guthrie is proud of this home-grown solution. “It’s companies like Zentek that elevate Guelph in the field of advanced manufacturing. I’m thrilled they’ve chosen to grow and thrive in Guelph, and I welcome the jobs and investment they’re bringing to our city.”

Rigorously tested, and authorized by Health Canada, Zentek actively sells surgical masks with ZenGUARD™ coating online and at Mark’s stores across Canada. They’re excited to take this unique product, made right here in Guelph, to a global stage.

“We’re very happy to see Zentek expand and build their manufacturing capacity here in Guelph,” notes Christine Chapman, Guelph’s manager of Economic Development. “They’re an innovative business that strengthens our city’s position in advanced materials production capabilities while supporting Canada’s healthcare system.”

Learn more about how the City makes it easy to do business in Guelph at guelph.ca/business.

About Zentek Ltd.

Zentek is an intellectual property (IP) development and commercialization company focused on next-gen nanomaterials and strategic commercial partnerships to break through the barriers of molecular science and uncover new possibilities in healthcare and beyond. They believe their proven, next-generation nanotechnologies can help solve the world’s most complex healthcare challenges and more. For more information, visit Zentek.com.

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