What posts to be visible on social networks?

What posts to be visible on social networks?

If you want to be visible on social networks, one of the keys is to understand what types of posts are successful. Because we don’t post on LinkedIn like we post on Instagram…

A post format that varies according to the social network

Once you understand how the algorithm of a social network works, you will be able to look at another key to success on social networks: the types of posts that work. Each social network responds to very specific codes and some publications will have enormous success on LinkedIn, while others will be a hit on Instagram. In fact, publishing the same content on all social networks has become in 2022 nonsense that will harm you. Your audience must have a good reason to follow you on the social networks you run.

For example, Tik Tok is a network built solely around video, so it’s unsurprisingly the preferred post format. To respond to the acceleration of Tik Tok, Instagram then launched the Réels, a format that also gives pride of place to video. This is the content that works best on Instagram today and will give you the best visibility. On LinkedIn, on the other hand, the most popular format is the “copywriting” type post   , that is to say an editorial post made only of text: photos and videos are secondary.

Understand the codes of the social network to make a good post

It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking to say that video does well on Tik Tok or Instagram. By arming themselves with a few key indicators, everyone can realize this. On the other hand, in order for your posts to be visible, you must then dig a little deeper in order to understand that there are “types” of posts that work better than others.

For example, a LinkedIn post will have a much better chance of taking off if it is an “inspiring” post. In other words, a LinkedIn post that deals, for example, with a situation where you were faced with failure and how you were able to recover from it. You bring something here that your audience can learn from. At SEO BRISK, we have identified four or even five types of LinkedIn posts that generate the most engagement and these are the formats we favor for all our clients.

We can continue with Instagram, where the codes are radically different. Unless you are a major influencer, there is no point in trying to copy Kim Kardashian or Kylian Mbappé, it no longer works. To succeed, a post needs to generate engagement and for that, you will need to be able to engage your audience in a real story, a personal story likely to interest, to inspire: that’s what we call personal branding, or building your personal brand. The more likes, comments or saves you have of your post, the more it will be seen. We also see that appearing in hashtags is a key to success.

In other words, a social media post will only work if you manage to get into a virtuous circle:

  1. Build a personal branding Embark your audience in your universe, make them adhere to your values ​​and your story.
  2. Publish the right content at the right time, meeting the codes of the platform and the expectations of your audience.
  3. Generate engagement through the quality of your post
  4. Increase your visibility on social networks

The right format, the right storytelling: the key to a successful post

In short, understanding and knowing how to use popular formats on social networks is a key that will allow you to boost your visibility. This also means staying on permanent watch in order to follow the evolutions of the social network on which you communicate. If it was possible to take off on LinkedIn in 2020 by posting once or twice a week, this is no longer relevant if you want to succeed in 2022. The uses are changing, so is the functioning of the algorithm. Thus, to maximize the impact of your investment on social networks, we advise you to fully understand the codes or to call on an agency like SEO BRISK who will be able to advise and support you in developing your visibility on social networks in the long term.