What is SharePoint and what are its key features? | ARC

What is SharePoint and what are its key features? | ARC

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint, which stands for Microsoft SharePoint, is a web-based software solution that allows users to share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other types of files. SharePoint development companies are working to get the maximum out of this online platform to increase work productivity.

The product was first released in 2001, and it has since become one of the most popular and widely used collaboration and content management systems in the world. SharePoint currently powers over 1.82 billion active users, and it is estimated to generate $10 billion in revenue annually.

Who Uses SharePoint?

SharePoint has many different uses, but it is particularly well-suited for use by businesses and organizations that need to collaborate and communicate with others. For example, a company may use SharePoint as a central hub to store information about its employees, projects, and processes.

Other companies may use SharePoint to manage their internal data and to share files with their clients, suppliers, and other business partners. SharePoint is also commonly used by nonprofit organizations and academic institutions. In these cases, the main objective is often to share knowledge and information with people outside of the organization.

With the help of SharePoint development consulting companies, SharePoint can be deployed in on-premises environments or hosted in the cloud. In an on-premises environment, users access SharePoint using desktop applications like Microsoft Office and/or web browsers. In the cloud, users access SharePoint using web-based applications. SharePoint is a Microsoft product, which means that it is integrated with many other Microsoft products.

SharePoint is an extensible platform for creating collaboration solutions. It consists of four components:

Content Management Server (CMS)

The Content Management Server (CMS) is the heart of SharePoint. It manages all content within the SharePoint environment, including pages, lists, document libraries, and other items such as Web Parts. The CMS provides a Web-based interface that enables you to create, manage, and publish content. You can also use the interface to view and edit the site’s properties. The CMS is an integral part of the SharePoint architecture.

SharePoint Server

SharePoint Server is a powerful server-based application that allows you to store and manage documents, information and other data. SharePoint is built on the Microsoft.NET Framework, which is a programming platform that allows you to build custom solutions to perform your business processes. SharePoint offers many features to help you manage your business processes. 

Search Server

SharePoint 2013 Search Server is the latest evolution in search capabilities within SharePoint. It provides a powerful and flexible query engine that can be used to analyze, index and rank content from SharePoint, Microsoft Office documents, SharePoint Sites, and other data sources. It plays a vital role in SharePoint development when it comes to building SharePoint sites for different work projects.

SharePoint Communication Services

SharePoint Communication Services are used to communicate with SharePoint using Web services. The communication services are used for the authentication, authorization and data exchange between SharePoint and external applications. It is a common practice to use communication services when you are using external applications such as Active Directory, SQL Server or other databases to communicate with your SharePoint farm. 

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Final Words

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