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Wall Street Capital Emerges as a Farm-as-a-Service (FaaS) Project Bringing Value to Investors

Cape Coral – Wall Street Capital ($WSC), a Farm as a Service (FaaS) project that invests in other upcoming projects that have huge potential for growth, continues to grow and build a strong community, backed by a very well laid out strategy and impeccable marketing.

Wall Street Capital invests in projects with great use-cases and enormous growth potential. They then allocate these assets to the shareholders based on the percentage of the dividend pool that they own.

Following the completion of the airdrop, each investor is free to do with their assets as they see fit. Whether to sell, trade, or hold. It is absolutely up to investors to make that decision.

There is also an upcoming BNB airdrop for investors who hold more than 0.1% of supply or 1 Million WSC tokens. Investors will get a portion of the BNB airdrop directly tied to the amount of supply they hold. So the more supply you hold, the bigger the percentage of BNB you will receive.

The Wall Street Capital Treasury

Wall Street Capital has a treasury fund called, “THE WOLF OF WALL STREET”. This fund will be used to purchase digital assets, and all holders will get an airdrop of their share of the assets purchased by the Treasury depending on the proportion of supply they possess.

The investment selection procedure is extensively researched to ensure that each project meets the exact parameters that we seek. This includes a strong use-case and utility, as well as the possibility of significant future advantages as these projects mature and evolve.

The Wall Street Capital Treasury fund recently made a significant investment in two projects that are performing exceptionally well. Terraform and Luniverse are two projects on the Binance Smart Chain.


There are several things that transaction tax goes into, such as Liquidity Pool, Marketing, Treasury, and CA Dev.

The WSC token distribution is as follows:

BUY / SELL – 15%

  • Marketing – 5%

  • Treasury – 5%

  • Liquidity – 2%

  • Development – 3%

Further major features of Wall Street Capital ecosystem include:

  • Diversified Portfolio: A large collection of projects in a wide-range of use-cases and utility

  • Well-Researched Utility Projects: Wall Street Capital only chooses projects with strong use-case and long-term growth potential

  • Holder Incentivization: A sustainable strategy that rewards holders with long-term benefits

  • Strong and Active Community of Investors: Opportunities to chat with fellow investors

  • Safe Projects: Only the safest vetted projects are selected for our portfolio

Further information can be found on Wall Street Capital’s official websiteTwitter, and Telegram.

About Wall Street Capital

Wall Street Capital (WSC) is a Farm as a Service (FaaS) project that invests in other forthcoming projects with significant development potential. Wall Street Capital’s priority is to establish a robust community, which is supported by a well-thought-out strategy and flawless marketing.

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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