Understanding the steps of sliding glass door installation

<strong>Understanding the steps of sliding glass door installation</strong>

A sliding garage door can create a bright and cheerful look, but the process of installation is very challenging, and you must not try it if you don’t have any experience about it. One of the most frequently asked question is when to install a sliding garage door. So if you are planning to start this project, you should consider a warm temperature weather so always check the condition of the weather before starting your work. The required Equipment / Tools and materials includes,Caulking gun, Tape measure, Utility knife,Staple gun,Hammer,Bubble level

Electric miter saw, Hand saw,1 double sliding glass patio door, 78-inch by 80-inch.1 sloped PVC sill pan, 78-inch (optional), Silicone sealant, clear or matching door frame, Roofing nails, 1-3/4-inch, Building wrap, Self-adhesive flashing tape, 6-inch wide, Plastic shims,10 – 2-inch pan head screws,1 can of low-expansion insulating spray foam and Exterior pre-cut brickmould trim. First of all, you have to check and measure the door rough opening and prepare the sliding glass door.

Now prepare the building wrap, and if the building wrap is in good condition, it can be used; otherwise, you have to wrap the new for your project. Second step is to apply the first strip of still flashing tape by cutting it 1-foot longer than the width of the opening and sliding the tape towards the exterior, and fold the tape overhang down against the front the sill. Apply the second strip of still flashing tape and install the still pan. Add the drip cap to the patio door and apply silicone sealant to the back of drip cap to attach it to the patio door.

Add three or four sealant to the door sill and apply generous beads of sealant to the back of the nailing fins. Now place the patio door in the door opening and place shims into the sides of the door. Nail patio door in place and screw door frames sides into the door. Screw the door still into the place and test the door to check for smooth operation. If you are still confused, hire garage door repair in brunswick nj for further information.

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