This Laundry Invention Defies Laws of Chemistry

It’s a generally accepted fact that detergents with higher pH values clean better than detergents with lower pH values, but until now there’s always been a tradeoff because there came a point when the cleaning advantage was offset by color-fade and fabric damage. As a result, most major detergent brands are formulated with pH values between 7 and 10.

At AON Invent, we’re used to seeing paradigms disrupted by innovation. After all, that’s the business we’re in. But, when the owner of a Texas dry-cleaner asked us to evaluate his wet-clean/detergent formulation, “Zabi”, we were a bit skeptical. I mean, did anyone really need another detergent to add to the 958 brands currently on the market? Probably not. But the more we heard about Zabi, the more intrigued we became.

Tony explained Zabi was gentle enough to use on a $3000 Giorgio Armani wool tux, high-end cashmere or suede leather coat, and yet powerful enough to clean greasy uniforms from a local auto dealer – all in cold water using a gentle cycle, (which makes the garments last longer). But what about the long-term effect of Zabi on those garments, I asked?

Tony grinned and said, “Seven (7) years ago I started using Zabi on all of my customers clothes. Now I also use it on my competitors customer’s clothes. No exceptions. We use it on everything that comes through the door. I replaced perc and hydrocarbon solvents which eliminated the annual $1500 to $5000 per year EPA permit for dry-cleaning solvents, and allows us to turn garments in half the time and cost of dry-cleaning.

Sometimes other cleaners approach me about buying my product, so when I found AON Invent online, I submitted it for evaluation.


After receiving the coveted 3-star assessment from AON’s Panel (our highest rating). The scientific testing began.

The most amazing thing about his product, was that it had a pH of 13.6, which is higher than chlorine bleach and oven cleaner and 500 to 1000 times higher (more alkaline) than most major brands of laundry detergent. So how could Zabi defy the laws of chemistry by NOT BEING THE SLIGHTEST BIT CORROSIVE.

Two things make this possible. Tony’s proprietary formula and manufacturing process, make Zabi totally safe for all colors and fabrics – both natural and artificial. As a matter of fact, we haven’t found a fabric yet, that it isn’t safe to use it on and believe me, we’ve tried.

Now with more than a year’s worth of product and consumer testing, we are ready to introduce this amazing product – Zabi Wet-clean, super concentrate for professional use only. It is formulated for cold water and only takes 1 tsp/5 mL per 10 lbs. of laundry. One gallon of Zabi Wet-clean concentrate will clean nearly four (4) tons of laundry. 

After passing UL’s product tests, we sent Zabi Wet-clean to the world’s leading non-animal testing facility, Invitro International, in Placentia, California, where they certified that this amazing product, with a pH of 13.6 is not in any way corrosive… and another longstanding paradigm has been disrupted by innovation. 

For more information on Zabi Wet-clean, call AON Invent at 479-855-6699 or email [email protected]