The Only Moving Checklist – How to Move

<strong>The Only Moving Checklist – How to Move</strong>

Whether you are moving across the state or country, you have to be surrounded yourself by different cardboxes and tapes. To make things smoother for you, create a to-do list with every details related to your moving plan. The tasks that you have to do two months before is going through every room and make sure what you want to move in your new residence and what you can get rid of it.

Carefully note down the items that need to be handled with special packing or extra insurance coverage. Another important thing that you have to do is to research the movers by investigating different company companies so you can find out the best one for you. Get a written estimate by making sure that it has USDOT number in it. The area clarifies that the company is registered with U.S transportation department and fulfilling its standard. Create a moving binder for tracking everything associated with your moving plan, including estimates, receipts, and inventory of all items related to your moving. Organize school record and arrange them safely so you can easily transfer them into your new residence.

If you have six weeks in your moving plan, you have to order the supplies, including moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap and permanent marker, specialty containers such as dish barrels, or wardrobe boxes. Use or donate all everything that you don’t want to move like frozen foods and cleaning supplies. Take measurements of the room dimensions to make sure that the larger pieces of the furniture could easily move through it.  Now when it comes one month before your moving plan, you have to choose the long distance moving company to hire the movers and confirm the arrangements, including moving dates, costs and other details.

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