– Telecoms business revolutionises in-cabinet cooling


A UK telecoms business is helping to overcome some of the noise challenges surrounding data cabinet cooling with an innovative new Air Exchanger product.

CHH CoNeX has developed a new solution which can replace traditional fans in data cabinets and street-side enclosures. The company’s Air Exchanger is designed to overcome the performance limitations of fans, providing a similar output to that of a full air conditioning system, without the energy requirements and additional expense.

It is thought that the new Air Exchanger can play a critical role in aiding the UK’s 5G network rollout, with the installation of thousands of further data cabinets in urban locations. The air exchanger is designed to cool internal components and electricals within a data cabinet, with an emphasis on volume control.

Noise pollution, particularly in urban areas and cities, is typically one of the main causes for complaint with industrial noise being one of the biggest culprits. Newly installed 5G communication cabinets are potentially adding to this as the number of components in cabinets is steadily increasing, along with fans and other noisy elements to help keep them functioning and operating at the right temperature. 

Kevin Wilcox, Sales and Marketing Director of CHH CoNeX, explained: “When we design our cabinets, we always place an emphasis on volume control. Through the careful use of materials, design, and construction, we ensure that internal parts are free to operate in the way they should, with the cabinet keeping excess noise to a minimum. Therefore, the design of every cabinet varies depending on its location and the volume of acceptable background noise that it will operate in. 

“One area where a lot of noise is generated is the internal cooling system, which often contain fans or air conditioning systems. These are critical parts of cabinet installations and play a vital role preventing internal circuits from overheating. However, they become problematic in some urban environments where noise pollution is considered an issue. Our air exchanger is our latest development, aimed to overcome this challenge for quieter, reliable and effective cooling. The product has been rigorously tested and proven to be quieter than alternative cooling methods.”

CHH CoNeX has already confirmed that its new Air Exchanger has been pre-ordered by businesses internationally as well as in the UK.

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