Shieldon’s Professional Collaboration with a Famous Knife Brand!

Finding a reliable OEM manufacturer is vital to businesses.

 Lucky enough for this client, Shieldon’s perseverance and excellent quality service enabled them to establish a successful collaboration with this famous knife brand.

 Shieldon worked closely with the client team, listening to their requirements and providing optimized production processes, resulting in the highest customer satisfaction.

 In this blog post, we will detail why customers, (specifically in this case), chose Shieldon as the ideal OEM manufacturer and how that benefited both the client and Shieldon.

How long did the project last?

Shieldon, a knife manufacturer with decades of experience in the knife-making industry, recently collaborated with a well-known brand to create an exclusive line.

 This project was completed within an impressive 8-month time frame, allowing the customer to launch their prototypes and begin selling products in time for the high-demand hot season.

 The process was rigorous and comprehensive; it involved two months of designing, one month of prototyping followed by another for modifications before re-prototyping.

 Finally, Shieldon used three more months to complete mass production while still adhering to stringent quality control standards.

 At all stages of production, Shieldon aimed to meet their customer’s expectations and deliver on the promised timeline.

 Despite the difficulty posed by such tight guidelines and thorough oversight, Shieldon persevered through all challenges and successfully completed this project on schedule.

 As such, they are proud to have contributed to an iconic line of knives that has been embraced by both enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Overall Project Timeline

Shieldon worked diligently and effectively to complete this project within the determined timeline of 8 months.

To ensure successful completion,

custom blade manufacturera detailed production schedule was implemented that included two months for the design process, followed by one month for prototyping and further modifications before re-prototyping.

 Following these steps, Shieldon utilized the remaining three months to initiate mass production while still upholding strict quality control standards.

 This timeline allowed their customer to showcase prototypes at a highly important exhibition and start selling during peak season – allowing them to make the most of the high demand.

 Throughout this process, Shieldon faced many challenges to meet their customer’s expectations; however, they managed to overcome every difficulty and ultimately deliver an excellent product with minimal delays.

What are the specific services Shieldon provided to the famous knife brand?

Shieldon provided packaging services