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Seizing automobile signs level to air conditioner

Pricey Automotive Communicate:

Whilst riding at the highway at about 70-75 mph with the air conditioner operating in my 2006 Acura TL, impulsively, I heard this horrendous noise.

It appeared like my automobile used to be all at once in too low a equipment. The air conditioner stopped blowing cool air, despite the fact that it used to be nonetheless operating. This went on for roughly half-hour whilst I used to be simply praying it wouldn’t smash down at the means house.

Unexpectedly, the automobile lurched ahead. If I were proper at the back of anyone, I’d have hit them. As soon as it did that, the noise stopped and the air conditioner got to work once more.

I took it to Acura, they usually couldn’t in finding anything else improper and mentioned to deliver it again when it occurs once more. My common mechanic didn’t in finding anything else both.

Now it’s been nearly a 12 months, however I’ve been reluctant to take it out of the town or in far more than 70 mph. I will have to be aware that not anything on my dashboard lit up as to any mistakes or engine problems.

It sort of feels we’re all stumped, so I’m hoping you’ll be able to lend a hand me out. I’m making an allowance for getting a brand new automobile simply because I’m afraid of riding this automobile out of the town. Any ideas or recommendation?

— Debbie

I feel your air-con compressor seized up, Debbie, or in part seized up. The clues all upload up.

In case your AC compressor all at once seized up, or simply was very onerous to show, it will not be capable to compress your refrigerant. That suggests no chilly air.

And if the belt used to be seeking to flip the compressor pulley however couldn’t, the belt would slip, and that would account for the noise you heard.

Why hasn’t it took place continuously? I don’t know, however it’s imaginable that the issue happens most effective when the compressor will get in reality sizzling — like while you’re cranking the AC and riding at 75 mph for an extended stretch.

I feel promoting the automobile — particularly for those who adore it and it’s another way in excellent form — is untimely. As a substitute, ask your common mechanic if he’d be keen to force it for a couple of days. If he’s taking it out at the freeway and will get the indications to recur, he’ll be capable to ascertain straight away what it’s.

And if he can’t make it occur, smartly, possibly he’ll make you a excellent be offering at the automobile.

Or you’ll be able to simply cross forward and change the AC compressor. That’s simply going to run you $1,000. However given the age of the automobile and your description of the indications, I feel there’s a top chance that’ll resolve the issue. And for those who’re another way scared to force the automobile, it can be well worth the funding.

Do it now, earlier than AC restore retail outlets institute their midsummer “I’m determined” surcharges.

Excellent success, Debbie.

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