FBSciences Announces European Expansion and Registration of their Leading Agricultural Biologicals | News

FBSciences Announces European Expansion and Registration of their Leading Agricultural Biologicals | News

MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FBSciences, a leader in agricultural biologicals, is establishing a new company, FBSciences Europe, as part of their overall global expansion strategy. With the establishment of FBSciences Europe in the European Union (EU), FBSciences will leverage 15 years of successful research, a strong commercial footprint in other global markets, their long-standing manufacturing presence, and successful partnerships in Europe to commercialize in the $12 billion European agricultural market and bring their powerful agricultural biologicals to European customers.

FBSciences Europe will launch with two initial product registrations. FBSciences plans to have their flagship biostimulant product Transit Duo™ and their premium zinc product Zicron® registered and available for sale in Austria, Italy, France, and Spain for the 2023 growing season, with additional plans to expand into a comprehensive line as their presence in the market grows. FBSciences has had a manufacturing presence in Europe since their founding and has done extensive independent research as well as precommercial trials with leading partners to support commercial activity in Europe.

As additional restrictions on existing inputs take effect this summer and Europe ramps up their Farm to Fork Strategy aiming to accelerate the transition to a regenerative and sustainable food system, the European agriculture market is looking for solutions that provide climate-smart benefits while still meeting increasing productivity goals for growers. In their Climate Impact Report, FBSciences demonstrated the climate adaptation and mitigation benefits of their technologies and products. Increasingly severe climate-related stress, shrinking arable land, soaring fertilizer costs, and ongoing geopolitical conflict have intensified pressure on the European agriculture market, motivating dealers and growers to find tools that not only help growers adapt to these challenges but also improve the health of the soil and environment for long-term climate mitigation. FBSciences’ proprietary biostimulant technology, FBS Transit®, which received REACH registration in 2020 and forms the foundation of their crop nutrition product lines, has been proven to increase nutrient and water use efficiency, mitigate abiotic stress, and increase the photosynthetic capacity of plants, which is key to driving yield and increasing ROI for growers. In addition to these benefits, FBS Technologies and products have proven their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through increased soil carbon and reduced N2O emissions. A trial conducted by the Swedish University of Agricultural Studies demonstrated an 11.8% increase in biomass and a 12.3% increase in phosphorus uptake with FBS Technologies. In their Climate Impact Report, FBSciences illustrated how increasing above and below ground biomass increases the soil’s carbon sequestration capacity, lowering CO2 emissions, while improved nutrient uptake and mobility is key to lowering N2O emissions through increased nitrogen use efficiency.

“With years of successful research and trials on our technologies and products in Europe showing increased yield, stress mitigation, and improved plant, soil, and climate health, we have seen strong interest from partners, distributors, and growers,” said Courtenay Wolfe, Chair and CEO of FBSciences. “There is tremendous demand in Europe for effective tools like agricultural biologicals that provide powerful climate adaptation and mitigation benefits while driving yield and ROI. We expect significant commercial momentum with the launch of FBSciences Europe.”

This expansion into Europe joins the recent establishment of FBSciences Brasil to mark a major milestone in FBSciences’ global expansion strategy. As FBSciences continues to see a growing global demand for softer, more sustainable chemistries, they will look to introduce additional products in the European market, including further products in their crop nutrition and soil health lines, as well as their REACH registered FBS Defense™ line of crop protection products encompassing fungicide, miticide, insecticide, and nematicide products. They extend invitations and welcome outreach from partners and collaborators in the European market.

About FBSciences

FBSciences is a global leader in the innovation and commercialization of climate-smart biologicals for agriculture and turf. Their naturally derived, proprietary technologies are the foundation for their biostimulant, biopesticide, and fertilizer product lines. With over 100 million dollars in commercial success and more than 1600 independent and university studies over 15 years, FBSciences has proven their technologies and products increase quality and nutrient density, improve stress mitigation and recovery, produce healthier plants and higher yields, and increase utilization of other crop inputs. Their sustainable products provide measurable benefits to the environment, including an increase in nitrogen use efficiency, leading to N2O emissions reduction, decreased nitrogen runoff, and increased carbon sequestration. With an opportunity for meaningful impact on every managed acre, FBSciences is committed to harnessing the power of nature to transform agriculture globally. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and learn more at www.fbsciences.com.


Courtenay Wolfe

Chair and CEO

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