Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR News and Campfire Summary

Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR News and Campfire Summary

Season 4 has been hot so far, but as it settles down, coverage and news about the upcoming Diablo 4 Season 5 is well underway. As usual, Blizzard likes to cover these upcoming changes via campfire chat, which can be quite lengthy.

In this post, we’ll take a look at campfire chat and cover some of the changes coming to upcoming Diablo 4 Season 5.

The PTR (Public Test Realm) for Diablo 4 will run from June 25th to July 2nd. You can pre-download the PTR build of the client through the Battlenet launcher under the game’s “Game Versions.”

New Hellfire Swarm Game Mode

A new upcoming wave-based game mode that will culminate in a boss encounter and is all set in Hell. It will come with its own mini-questline to introduce you to the mechanics.

  • The Compass will open up access to the Hellfire Swarm in a similar fashion to the Nightmare dungeons.
  • The Compass can be upgraded to higher levels through Abyssal Scrolls, similar to Nightmare Dungeons with higher levels. There are eight difficulty levels. If you want to go through all the difficulty levels it will be very difficult, but if you have enough Diablo 4 Gold then you can get through it easily.
  • The Compass can be obtained by defeating The End Lord, Hell Tide, Nightmare Dungeons, and Whispers.
  • Hellfire Swarm will be a limited-time wave attack mode, each wave lasting 90 seconds.
  • At the end of the 90 seconds, you will have time to kill the remaining enemies and then you can choose three Hellfire Favors; once selected, the next wave will begin.

Once you complete all waves of a certain level, you will reach the Corrupted Council.


Boons and Bane

After each wave, you will be tempted by Hellfire Favors. Hellfire Favors allow you to choose three different boons and banes that will change your adventure.

For example: Elite Damage Increase, Elite Increase Burning Aether.

The more Aether you burn at the end of the adventure, the greater your reward. You may get very rare Diablo 4 Items.

These boons and banes will increase the difficulty of your adventure, but can allow you to gain Burning Aether. They also stack during your Fell Thing adventure, so choose wisely.


The Fell Council

Once you survive the Fell Thing adventure, you will encounter the Fell Council. These are the bosses of the Fell Thing, and there are 5 Fell Council members in total. You can gain Diablo 4 Gold as well as items by defeating these bosses.

Each Fell Council member comes with their own unique abilities.

At the end of each adventure, you will have to face 3 different Fell Council members, with some variations each time.

The battle will escalate as you deal damage to the Fell Council, and the difficulty will increase as they are killed.

Who you face is random, with up to 10 different variations per encounter.


Rewards and New Unique Items

Once you defeat the Fell Council, you will be able to choose the reward you want. Opening up new ways to farm D4 Items and even D4 Gold.

Gear Loot, Material Loot, Gold Loot, Higher-tier gear loot, this reward guarantees an item with higher-tier affixes.

Included in the rewards is a batch of new unique items, up to 10 new unique items total, some for specific classes and some available to all classes. There will also be a batch of new legendary items.

Unique Item Changes

Unique items in general will be getting two major updates, increasing the power of their designs. Mythic unique items will also be getting a makeover, with new colored beams, new sounds, and a new item UI.

The first major change will focus on improving the overall high-end power of unique items.

The second change will focus on making them less competitive with tempering by adding tempering properties, and making them more build-defining by matching themes to their properties.

Targeted Farming Unique Items

You can now target certain item slots to farm unique items; for example, when opening a weapon/armor Helltide chest, you will have a chance to get a unique item from that chest that fits your class.

You will be able to target all forms of content, such as Obols, Helltide, and Whispers.

Mythic unique items can also be obtained this way.

General Updates

All classes are getting a mix of improvements and nerfs across the board. But generally speaking, invincibility skills are getting some nerfs so that their cooldowns start when invincibility ends, not when it starts. This is to prevent abuse of infinite invincibility and provide design choices for these skills.

Potions will no longer be usable while being controlled; this is to prevent dying during long, frequent control stacks on monsters. The duration and frequency of control on monsters are also being reduced across the board.

Now, we won’t cover everything here, but you can find a more comprehensive list of Blizzard PTR class patch notes here.


Class Updates

Diablo 4 Season 5 will have a number of bug fixes, such as the Rogue Victimze will no longer deal double damage with its damage. There will also be a ton of new unique skills coming to all classes, which is typical of a new season.

Overall, class changes are a mix of buffs and nerfs.

A new unique skill for the Barbarian was revealed, tying Steel Grasp and Iron Maelstrom together, giving some options for supporting the Barbarian playstyle, with a debuff option.

Rogues are getting buffs, especially some Flurry changes, to incentivize some Flurry builds.

Shepherd’s Guard power is going to Companions, because previously there was an overuse of Shepherd’s Guard to buff Druids, while Companions were just sitting there doing nothing and destroying the Companion fantasy.

To make up for this, Druids are getting a lot of buffs to their skills.

Pretty over the top. The Sorcerer’s unique skill is jokingly called the Sorcerer skill. It buffs chain lightning, allowing them to surround you for a period of time and slam enemies when they appear. This really fulfills the fantasy of the chain lightning class, and looks pretty good.

Necromancers are getting a pretty nice upgrade to their Golems, giving them a jump slam ability so it can get into combat faster and really giving the Golems a quality of life buff and a nice damage buff. This applies to all Golems.


Class Weapon Updates

In Diablo IV Season 5, weapon selection for certain classes has opened up, specifically Druids, Sorcerers, and Necromancers.

Wizards gained the ability to use one-handed maces and one-handed swords

Druids gained the ability to use two-handed polearms, one-handed swords, and daggers.

Necromancers gained the ability to use all maces and axes.

This also had the added benefit of allowing a lot of unique items to be used by these classes. For example, Wizards can now use Azurewrath and Doombringer.

Weapons also got some improvements to make them more universally applicable to a wider range of classes as they can now use these weapons. The new affixes to the weapons are as follows.

Tempering Changes

Not a lot of changes here, just more of a quality of life change to allow you to temper a few more times so that bricking is a little less RNG. They are also looking at ways to adjust this in the future.

One thing about this is that this change will be retroactive, so any un-bricked items you currently have will get the extra tempering.


Quality of Life

There is quite a bit of QoL here for both Infernal Tide and Whisper, especially Whisper in Infernal Tide. They’ve been significantly optimized so they don’t take too long, don’t require you to complete multiple Helltides, and can be completed entirely within a single Helltide.

They’ve also been slightly more valuable by adjusting the drop rate of Baneful Hearts.

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Overall, a lot of these changes look great. Horde mode in particular looks great. I’m really excited about it.

The PTR opened on July 25th, so be sure to check back to test out some of these additions and changes before they hit the live servers.