Chia Tai Farm Promotes Sustainable Agriculture Turning Food Waste into

Chia Tai Farm by Chia Tai Group, Thailand’s leading innovative agricultural company, has recently launched the latest personal care products from melon extract. This new product line is not only to add value of Thai melon but also to showcase the new solution of food waste management on a sustainable basis.

Chia Tai Farm, the leader of fresh, clean, safe fruits and vegetables, and the King of Melon has launched 4 personal care products to the market under the concept of cruelty-free beauty. The products include Clear Your Mind shower cream, Self-love body scrub, Glow Time skin care lotion, and Hold My Hand hand cream. The main ingredient of the products is “Morakot Melon extract” which is the most popular melon of Chia Tai Farm. The development of these products aims to add value of fresh produce, move forward Thailand’s agriculture, and serve the sustainable development purpose of Chia Tai Farm to manage food waste efficiently. The second graded Morakot Melons are separated for being processed into melon extract, which becomes main ingredient to produce personal care. These products aim to penetrate the Silver Age market where our targets are the old adults who are health lovers, working-age group, and eco-friendly consumer.

Ms. Supaporn Kietisirikajorn, Assistant Vice President CEO’s Office, Chia Tai Company Limited told us about this Morakot Melon personal care products by Chia Tai Farm. “Chia Tai has been aware of how to utilize natural resources and concerned about the environment, that’s why we keep focusing on sustainable development. This Morakot Melon personal care by Chia Tai Farm is our latest product that we developed to add value of agricultural product and manage food waste. We selected Morakot Melon as main ingredient because its benefits and efficiency, plus its unique scent are still maintained during the production process for shower cream, body scrub, body lotion, and hand cream. Our production process has been accredited by Thai FDA. In addition to the natural ingredients, these products are cruelty-free which means we don’t use animals at all during the testing process. Stepping into health and beauty market reflects how Chia Tai Farm never stops trying to become Thailand’s King of Melon. Apart from selling fresh fruits, we also expand to lifestyle market to meet consumers’ every need.”

Melon is well known for skin healing and recovering. It is antioxidant rich which is an ideal ingredient for anti-aging and preventing cells deterioration. It slows down melanin production which is the cause of skin discoloration. Its aromatic scent is also good for reducing stress, relaxing, and refreshing. Chia Tai Farm’s Morakot Melon personal care products also comprise of many other natural ingredients and they are cruelty-free. They are gentle to every skin type, treating your skin from the pollution, and taking care of your skin to make sure it is soft and moistened. Melon scent is giving you a feeling of relaxation after a long day.

  1. Clear Your Mind shower cream (250 ml, 405 baht). The body cleanser that comes with nurturing and moisturizing ingredients for your bright skin. Its natural ingredients include Morakot Melon extract, Aloe vera extract, Vitamin B3, and AquaCacteen, the cactus extract.
  2. Self-Love body scrub (200 ml,355 baht). The body scrub that is guaranteed for gentleness and rejuvenation. Its natural ingredients include Morakot Melon, Arbutin, Berry Complex (extract from 6 berries) and Vitamin B3 that are effective for keeping the skin moisturized, slowing down melanin production, and giving you a bright and rejuvenated skin.
  3. Glow Time skin lotion (200 ml, 375 baht). The skin lotion made from Morakot Melon extract, Green Caviar extract, and Pentavitin that is known for locking skin’s moist, softening and brightening your skin.
  4. Hold My Hand hand cream (50 ml,205 baht). No more worry about dry hands due to frequent hand wash with Morakot Melon extract, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and Cucumber extract. The texture of the cream is easy to absorb, not sticky, softening the hand skin, keeping the skin moisturized, protecting skin cells, and preventing hand skin from wrinkles.

Boost up your confidence with better and softer skin with aromatic scent of Morakot Melon by Chia Tai Farm melon personal care products. Please visit and shop your favorite products at Chia Tai Farm Shop and Restaurant, Sukhumvit 60 and Chia Tai Farm at Song Wat branch, Pak Chong branch, and Kanchanaburi or line @chiataifarm or Facebook: Chia Tai Farm tel.089-139-6170 and Shopee: Chia Tai Farm.