Brita Water Filters – Are They Actually Price tag Successful?

Brita Water Filters – Are They Actually Price tag Successful?

It is genuine that Brita h2o filters are very well known between people who are delicate about the top quality of water that they use. A major rationale for their popularity is for the reason that, in comparison to other drinking water treatment method choices, they are rather cheap to acquire.

There two sorts of Brita drinking water filters now offered. Just one is a faucet filter and the other is the pitcher pour by way of kind.

The problem is: Are they actually charge powerful? In other terms, using into account their total charge of ownership in relation to their usefulness of getting rid of pollutants from out faucet h2o, are they really far better than their competitors?

In this article, I will manual you by way of a minimal examination I built. Be sure to be aware that all efficiency promises and pricing ended up taken from the manufacturer’s internet site, literature and licensed promises.


Very first, let us converse about the charge of possession, which includes equally the upfront value to get as very well as the routine maintenance cost, i.e. the funds you devote on cartridge replacement in the course of the filter’s life time.

As for upfront charge, as I now talked about it is reasonably fairly lower. Just to give you an sign, a Brita pitcher costs about $25, even though the faucet filter style has a tag price tag of all-around $35. In comparison, for a substantial top quality home h2o filtration procedure you might have to pay out upfront about $130.

On the other hand, when we take into consideration the ongoing cost, then it is really a distinct story. As for the pitcher sort, the recommended retail value for a solitary filter cartridge is $7.99 and the company suggests to be changed each and every 40 gallons of h2o. That would make the charge per gallon about $.20.

The faucet type one filter cartridge has a proposed retail price tag of $18.99 and lasts for 100 gallons. That tends to make cost for each gallon to be close to $.20 as perfectly.

Evaluating these figures to the corresponding charges that other major makers of drinking water filtration techniques publish, you will see that the ongoing expenditures for every gallon selection from as very low as $.09 up to optimum of about $.15.

Now, let’s do some math: If we say that the an common four-member domestic consume about 2 gallons of drinking water for each day, then in a single yr the overall consuming drinking water consumption of this family will be 730 gallons. Placing all our figures (preliminary costs and cost per gallon) for Brita h2o filters on the a person aspect and these of a different drinking water filtration program on the other facet as presented earlier mentioned, then it is believed that in about eleven months to a year’s time of day by day use, the price tag of ownership will be equivalent.

This implies that, after the initial yr (optimum) of use has elapsed, it will develop into a lot more pricey to use Brita water filters than to use its main competitors.


When estimating effectiveness, i.e. how a lot of pollutants they can eliminate and how proficiently they can do that, Brita water filters are obviously no far better than ordinary.

Let us take chlorine, the commonly utilised disinfectant which has been connected with cancer and atherosclerosis, the main result in of heart ailment. In their general performance sheets, Brita company statements 99% removal of chlorine for the faucet style, though only 75% per cent for the pitcher form.

As significantly as the really harmful by-goods of chlorine are involved, the Brita producer states that neither of the products is equipped to get rid of them.

The similar retains for VOCs (Risky Natural and organic Compounds), when as cysts and cryptogiardia (typical pathogens) can’t be removed by the Brita pitcher sort.

In basic, the Brita faucet form filter performs far better than the pitcher kind. Even so, the faucet form nonetheless reveals no far better than typical performance.

To conclude, it is clear that, while the Brita drinking water filters appear interesting due to their lower upfront price, they are not so competitive in the very long run. Primarily, when you take into consideration that they are underperformers for the function that you bought them in the initially position, that is purifying your h2o!

If you are serious about choosing a higher top quality, cost effective drinking water filtration method, pay a visit to my internet site to become far more educated and see what I individually use at my dwelling and propose.