Art Cleaners Offer Dry Cleaning In Boulder

Boulder, Colorado –

CO based Art Cleaners would like to inform Boulder County residents of their free pickup and delivery of all laundry along with their folding services for bulk orders. Art Cleaners provides complimentary delivery and folding in order to help their customers adhere to local social distancing and masking guidelines. This also has the added advantage of making their entire service more convenient for everyone involved.

There are a number of benefits associated with using a wash and fold service. “We all have busy schedules,” says the company. “Save time, effort, and money by using the wash and fold services available from Art Cleaners. Just imagine having a service that takes this workload from you — what would you do with all that extra time? Fortunately, such facilities do exist. Art Cleaners Wash & Fold Services focuses on providing customers with hassle-free laundry. Aside from offering a wide array of cleaning options, Art Cleaners also provides additional services such as leather cleaning, dry cleaning household items, comforter cleaning and a concierge pickup/delivery service. Our wash and fold laundry services can accommodate your needs and requirements. Do your clothes need hypoallergenic detergent? You can let us know beforehand. We will make sure to provide home-like laundry services according to your needs.”

Wash and fold laundry services, in addition to adding time back to the day, provide the perfect opportunity to get big-load items like comforters and blankets cleaned professionally. Art Cleaners requires a 10 lb minimum for their laundry drop off services, but they do not have a limit on the total amount of laundry their customers can bring. Using state-of-the-art heavy duty machines, they wash, dry and fold all their customers’ laundry regardless of size. Art Cleaners uses top grade detergents, follows all special instructions and does it all without charging exorbitant prices.

Another service offered by Art Cleaners is dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is the best cleaning method for high quality or tailored items like suit jackets and delicate fabrics. At Art Cleaners, they soak their customers’ sensitive garments in a cleaning solvent and then tumbled in a large machine before air drying the clothes to get rid of the solvent.

Art Cleaners is one of the most trusted cleaning services in the Boulder area. They have been in the business since 1921. Customer service is their top priority and with their friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff, they strive to make every encounter a pleasant experience. They put emphasis on quality and sustainability and even converted to the Green Earth Cleaning System in 2003, a system that is better for both their customers and the environment. From their seven locations all over Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, Lafayette and Erie, they offer extremely convenient laundry services.

A number of customers have left great reviews of the cleaning company. Devin H. says in their 5-Star review, “Art Cleaners is definitely my go-to for dry cleaning and delivery. They are always very professional, and quite personable. I have been a customer for about 10 years and always had an amazing experience. They have gotten impossible stains out of clothes, and take care of everything I wear. One of the things I love about them is that they use very mild and earth friendly cleaning supplies for clothes, so I don’t have to worry about hazardous chemicals or my clothes not lasting when taking them to Art. They truly put the ‘art’ into the art of cleaning. Art Cleaners is also a wonderful support of community causes, and they make possible many amazing community events and organizations. Thank you, Art Cleaners!”

Another 5-Star review from Betsy B. says, “I use this business for my cleaning and alterations on a regular basis. They do excellent work, and the one time there was an alteration glitch, they gave me a credit in keeping with the garment that was damaged. I have had them do alterations before and since, and in addition to the cleaning work, I am more than satisfied. They get 5 Stars.”

For more information on Art Cleaners, visit their website. Customers may direct their inquiries regarding opening times, rates and so on to Gus Mircos of Art Cleaners as well.

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