Arctos Portable Air cooler Reviews ( Urgent Update)

Arctos portable air cooler has hit the United States, Canada, and The United Kingdom by storms. Indeed, the idea is great! This summer will be really enjoyable. The reviews are quite impressive, people have shown genuine interest in buying them. From most arctos portable air cooler reviews, its performance can’t be compared to any. It looks like it is going to be the next big thing.

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It is manufactured by a United States-based company specializing in Consumer goods. Arctos is advertised as one of the best personal coolers on the market and as a two-in-one device: a Humidifier and air cooler.

Environmental control is one of the best and controllable methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. No matter where you are (office, workplace, garden, just any place) you need to be 100% comfortable. Recent studies showed that temperature and air conditioning are the most deterministic variables.

Summer, naturally, is associated with excessive temperature leading to the invention of a variety of products to minimize their effects. Air coolers and humidifiers are one of them which will bring us closer to this review

Many sites have reviewed it with consistent information: best low-cost air cooler to invest in the summer. It is compact, durable, lightweight, effective, Tough, and very portable. It is trending in the US and other top countries. With arctos air cooler, you can easily beat this summer heat!!!.

Remember: We have links to get this product from the official website, so don’t browse away looking for it. They have promised to give our readers some discounts so don’t miss out this time. Hope to see you there!!!



Brand Name: Arctos personal space cooler

Manufacturer: Ontel Products Corp, a consumer goods company

Category: personal space cooler

Cooling Technology: Evaporation: (highly sustainable and energy-efficient cooling method)

Size of water storage tank: 450ml

fan speed: Three levels

Filter: Replaceable (Easily)

USB port: Present

Status: Available

Price: starting from $89.99.

Supplier: manufacturer

Return Policy: up to 60 days.

Replaceable filter


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Arctos cooler is a multi-purpose personal portable air conditioning, multi-functional in the sense that it is both humidifier and air cooler. It uses evaporation, A Thermodynamics process to cool down air to a comfortable or desired temperature. It is an energy-efficient, fast, effective, and noiseless cooling system.

Arctos are portable meaning you can easily move them from room to room, from your home to office, and vice versa. It is very compact which makes it possible to put in your car without taking up much space.

Homeowners have been enjoying it as it saves a lot of money. Instead of paying huge to cool the entire room, they used it to cool any room or space of their interest. Which is also more effective. It can cool your home within minutes by just hitting a button.

As the summer is fast approaching, investing in a portable ac is the only way out. Arctos portable air cooler outperformed its competitors by a huge number. It is a top-rated product from most consumer reports. The company is seriously selling out and the stock is somehow limited.



Small but powerful engineering, arctos uses evaporative cooling to chill your room, the process doesn’t matter much for many but knowing little about it is helpful.

Here water is the refrigerant, it sucks hot air into the system through the other end, the backside and this leads to evaporation which generally requires energy. This energy is extracted from the air, as a result of energy transfer, the air is cooled. It also draws moisture from the water to make sure that your nasal passages, skin, and throat are not dried out. The process continues and the entire space becomes cooled in a shorter period. The filter curtain soak in water also enhances the evaporation process leading to rapid cooling.

It is somehow better than a mechanical cooling system that makes a lot of noise and consumes much power and space. Arctos apply a natural cooling process. It ventilates 100% fresh, filtered, clean, cooled, and humid air. The process is much faster, within 30 seconds.

This is just a simple working mechanism. To know more about the process read evaporative cooling in detail. This is a summary. Sorry for not linking to the site.


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Below are rundowns of the key characteristics that position arctos as one of the leading air coolers in the United States. It is the next big thing in 2022, don’t miss it. It is awesome. See some of them here.

PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND COMPACT: looking for portable ac, Arctos is the answer. Moving with it is one of the main reasons the company produced it, summer is becoming hotter so having your ac is just the solution. Arctos decided to produce something that is like this to make sure you are completely relaxed at any time. This summer heat looks to be the worst so something like this might help.

ADJUSTABLE LOUVERS: the louvers can be easily adjusted so that they can blow air directly to some target, unlike some products that come with stationary louvers, meaning that you can adjust the airflow.

THREE FAN SPEED: In addition to working as a humidifier, arctos come with a powerful fan with three control levels. Most times you might just need ordinary air, having arctos portable AC is like having everything. Humidifier, air cooler, and fan. It can blow out air as if it is produced to function that way.

NOISELESS: Imagine a cooling system with almost zero decibels? That is arctos noise figure. Some ac do Make this kind of noise that even the user will prefer the hot air. Noise is one of the Factors considered carefully before producing it. With arctos, you can enjoy the TV broadcast, video calls, and meetings and do any other things that require maximum concentration. It is a true silent air conditioner. I’m sure you won’t regret buying them this Summer.

EXTREMELY STYLISH: most times functionality doesn’t matter. Physical appearance is sometimes dominant. Most companies indeed concentrate on just looking alone. Arctos cooler is not only the best in terms of performance but also looks. It will improve the look of your room, and offices. It is carefully designed and packaged.

TOUGH AND DURABLE: As something that is designed to be carried from place to place so the company makes sure that it features quality materials that can withstand rough handling and some challenging environment.

LED LIGHTS: It is more of an indicator but it is turning into decorative lightning, making your room more beautiful.





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Like all other products, it is good to read the manual first before unboxing it. You can see some measures like how to preserve its performance and others.

Unbox it and set it up on a flat surface so that it will gain balance. It doesn’t vibrate anyway but it is recommended that you choose a very flat surface.

comes with arctos is a quality USB cable, connect it at the USB port and plug the other end in a wall socket. It is very easy to do, we have been doing things like that.

Remove the filter curtain from the dryer and soak it in clean water before putting it back. Another straight process.

The next thing is to fill the 450mL with water through the top. This time you just need to pour directly. Looking simpler, okay see the next step.

Look for the power button and switch it on, if it fails to power, check the USB connection at the wall socket. A decorative LED indicator light lets you know that it is on, selects your desired cooling level from the three settings, and receives instant cooling.

The louver is adjustable meaning that you control the airflow. In case you just need fresh air, you can switch to fan mode.

These are the steps to get it working, you see, it is a 100% plug-and-play device as advertised.



Arctos portable air cooler is like a free-running system, that is, it doesn’t require much attention for optimum performance, the only thing worth doing is monitoring the filter, and cleaning it anytime it looks dusty, it is advised to do that every few months.

Form the habit of replacing the water curtain every 3 to 6 months of operation. Also, monitor the water in the tank and replace it when needed. As the system is working, the water will be reduced gradually and also increase its temperature, though it is a slight increase.

clean and wipe down the exterior with a soft, damp cloth. Don’t use rough materials.



To make wise decisions, it is necessary to have enough information regarding Disadvantages and of Course the Advantages. Arctos has both, our major concern here is to help you make wise decisions to avoid wasting money unnecessarily.


See the pros.

Currently, Arctos Ac is available at an affordable price. It might sound strange, but how can something that starts from $89.99 be cheap. I do understand what you are thinking. Knowing the cost of quality portable ac like arctos you Might give it a second thought. Buying now, you are just paying 50% of the original price. It is an offer to help more people live a comfortable life this summer, otherwise, the price would have been twice that. It is a great advantage, if not the greatest.

It also works as a humidifier. For healthy living, you might need both coolers and humidifiers. That means you’re gonna be looking for both a portable air cooler and a humidifier. Most air coolers are advertised to replace the work of a humidifier, both are indeed related but most devices out there don’t humidify Your personal space.

Having arctos is a great plus as it is doing both functions simultaneously and efficiently. In most cases, even though you have cooled the air you still need a humidifier, arctos take care of both. Another pro.

Energy Efficient, cost of electricity is increasing every day and the only way to maintain balance is using some advanced products. Cooling the entire home is nice. It is best but is it worth the money?. Arctos produce the same cooling effect a mechanical cooling system can produce by just using 10% of its energy consumption.

Faster cooling; They are capable of cooling Your space within minutes. It doesn’t wait for any gas to circulate, it starts and it works instantly.

GUARANTEED HIGH QUALITY: It ensures you enjoy consistent, trouble-free performance throughout the longest, hottest days. No worries, arctos won’t break down.

Natural and clean cooling system. Just water and air. There is no foreign element that can endanger your life or pollute the environment.

Less maintenance: most arctos portable cooler reviews claim that it required no maintenance. Yes, they might be right because the only thing that requires monitoring is the filter which is very easy to do.

Good return policy: The return is valid for 60 days, unlike 30 days regular. Once returned, you are entitled to receive your money back or for replacement. It is another plus as it helps you to feel the product physically and decide if you will go for them. But the good news is that nobody has returned arctos before unless it is due to a very rare package error.



What might make you think that this is a wrong investment? I’m with you here, every piece of information you need will be revealed. Arctos has a downside as well. It is all about your decision, which one can I sacrifice? And things like that. Nothing is 100% ideal.

Cleaning the filter: The filter is designed to trap dust particles as it sucks in air and it is required to be monitored closely for optimal performance. It is recommended to clean them every few months but the truth is that it depends on the environment. In some environments, you might do that in less time while some give you less worry.

Some busy people have to consider this before buying, it is not a serious problem anyway but it is worth knowing.

Arctos is advertised and produced as a personal space cooler which you can see by its name. This just means it is not a central cooling device that can handle larger spaces. For best results, it should be used as a personal product. For larger areas, you might need more than one if you want to get the best out of it.

Another con is that it is currently available online, not even everywhere but at the only official website (company website). Someone might be thinking why it is an issue, online shopping has indeed become the new normal but it is also true that not everyone is opportune to do that, though the company is creating awareness for it, chances that some of us miss it are still there. You have to research it to get it, lucky that you are here today.

You need to replace the water in the tank anytime it gets hotter or runs down.

Arctos portable coolers are not that good for outdoors

You need to replace the water curtain every three to six months of operation.

There is no other serious downside seen. Or can I include $89.99? It is already discounted.

Hope you are satisfied, in case you have issues, you can contact the customer service at checkout. It has pros and cons like other quality products but I’m sure that the pros outweigh the cons though the choice is still yours.



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Apart from arctos, there are other products ready to help. Taking a closer look, it is somehow everyone’s choice which means that it beats its competitors, in performance.

Arctos is a multi-task cooler, most are just cooling but it adds other ingredients like a humidifier and a powerful fan.

Again it is more compact, others are truly compact but you can’t just compare their compactness directly, there is a huge difference.

It is more reliable than others because it features simple components which can’t just fail overnight.

Less running cost as it is energy efficient. Most systems consume a lot of power increasing your monthly bill by a huge factor.

Simple to use, no matter how good a product might be, once an ordinary person can not use it, It doesn’t worth that price. Arctos looks to be the easiest among others.

Pricing, can it be compared. It might be anyway but for similar products, arctos is the cheapest. It costs $89.99 for just one, buying more at a time leads to an even greater discount.

So, performance-wise, simplicity and price arctos air cooler is the right deal.



Yes, it is a quality product with a 100% guarantee. It is small but does more work. It has functions not seen in order coolers and it is user-friendly. It is popular in the US and Canada. It is extremely good, having arctos This summer is a good idea. Don’t bother much, it will outperform your expectations.

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Quite a good question, the price ranges from $89.99 to $246.99.

See how the company arranged it.

One unit will cost $89.99 instead of the initial $138.45

Two cost $176.98, which saves you almost 40%. The real price is $276.89. It is a good discount.

Three units cost $206.99, it is a recommended deal as it offers a discount of 50%.

4x is sold at $246.99, the best offer is just $61.75. It represents a significant discount, far greater than 50% regular.

This is the answer, as you see, it is discounted prices and the decision was made by the producer which means that they are the only ones to influence it. From the look of things they might stick with it for a longer period but I can’t guarantee that. The best thing is getting it now.


The Package Contents

See what you get

1: Arctos personal space cooler.

  1. Connector cable.
  2. Instruction Manual



From the official website. Hope you like the idea? Don’t worry, they have many secure payment platforms for you so at all times you have the best options.

The shipping time is faster than estimated and they give you a chance to return the product to them within 60 days and they will either refund or replace it.


Check the official when and order today



Arctos is manufactured by Ontel Products Corp, a consumer goods company. headquarter: Fairfield, New Jersey, USA and sells a variety of electronics and other consumer goods.



Phone: 866-955-4574 Email: [email protected]



In addition to many, it enhances your indoor experience: due to excessive heat, most people prefer hanging out, looking for a comfort zone. With quality products like arctos most people tend to stay at home knowing full well that their comfort is guaranteed.

Arctos portable air cooler Reviews Stated clearly that it can reduce electric bills by a huge figure and it is true since it uses a more natural process instead of a machine-influenced system. Data has it that it takes 10% of the power needed by mechanical devices for the same work. Every home needs to save money no matter how rich it looks.

For general comfort: it is one of the devices that has proven that it can stand the summer heat and it is a cheaper alternative. For total relaxation, peace of mind, and the best sleep, Arctos air cooler is the answer.

100% safety: it doesn’t emit any gas that might put the life of your children, and pets at risk. It is a safe homemade device.



Remember that Arctos is the best solution for a healthy lifestyle this summer. Yes, some do say that it is for business purposes, I can’t tell that they were wrong, they might be right because the company is not giving it away for free. But looking closely at the price and its performance, you might think it is not solely for business.

The manufacturer is known for consumer goods and I believe it is because of their passion. Human comfort this summer seems to be another reason for its invention. Not solely for business, maybe partly. No matter the case, it is definitely for our benefit even though we pay some dollars and it makes sense since nothing is entirely free, hahaha… never mind.




The filter should be replaced every 3-6 months for optimal performance. Remove the filter and allow both the filter and unit to fully dry out before storing when not in use.


It’s easy, all you need to do is plug it in. It comes with an easy-to-understand user guide with care instructions for ease of use and diagrams for a proper explanation.


It recommends positioning your unit close to an open window on a flat surface for best results.


It is a personal cooler, one person per unit is recommended.


Yes, it does but it consumes extremely small power compared to other systems.


No, it is very quiet.


Checkout from the official site


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By KAREN W. Chicago. IL, a verified purchase.

“I love staying indoors anytime I’m opportune. Remembering the summer heat, I felt like going for the summer holidays. Indeed August night is very difficult here, the heat is unbearable. I have spent a lot of money in the past. All helped me but arctos are wonderful. I love it”


GEOFF. L, SHREVEPORT, LA: verified customer

“Fan has always been on my side anytime I’m reading, sleeping or indoors but it gives me trouble, the noise is too loud and it is increasing day by day. The breeze was always bothersome. A friend visited and introduced arctos to me. I read Arctos cooler reviews and later ordered them, and the results were good. It gives me the cold air I could ask for without the hassles of my fans.”  Recommended!!!


LARISSA B. TORONTO, ON another verified purchase

“My dad is working in a tiny workroom for his rock polishing projects. I came across arctos, though I have seen the ads. I check the reviews I decided to order, and I present one to my dad. He is very happy. He told me recently that he is working much longer now”


RYAN D.– SAGINAW, MI, confirmed purchase

“I love the summer heat but this summer seems to be the hottest. I ordered arctos portable ac, and the result is amazing. I love its portability and compactness as I can easily move it from my home to the office and vice versa.”



Happy seeing you here, I least expected it. Summer happens to be the best time to form excuses and travel outside looking for a more convenient zone. Staying indoors is not easy this time unless you are ready to tackle the heat.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most people to work from home. The only solution is to get the environment better than what nature made it to be. Arctos is one solution. It is a true rapid cooling device, clean and faster, comfortable with a discreet design.

This summer is predicted to be the hottest. Having an arctos cooler is necessary if you ever want to beat it this time around. The company is selling out faster and looks like changing the price. Get yours and wait for the hottest day.



Do not try to repair this product unless you are a technical person. Arctos will not be responsible for any injury caused by mishandling. Always contact customer service for help or email them.



This article: Arctos portable ac reviews is for general information purposes only. The information doesn’t constitute advice or an offer to buy. Any purchase made depends on your choice. Thank you for the time spent with us today. Looking forward to seeing you another time. I’m sure you are happy with our information.

Any complaints about the product, speak to the customer service, they are ready to listen to you anytime. Bye.

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