5 farm fresh products (that are also on sale!) to elevate your cleaning routine

assortment of Happy Place cleaning products by Beekman 1802

It’s hard not to be happy cleaning with these good-for-you products. (Photo: HSN)

The brains behind Beekman 1802, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge, are best known for their luxurious goat milk soaps and lotions, produced at their Beekman farm (est. 1802…thus the name) in Sharon Springs, New York. The couple decamped there a decade ago from New York City, a journey they chronicled in their hilarious memoir, The Bucolic Plague, and dedicated themselves to natural skin care. But their line isn’t just limited to sweet-smelling products for you. They make freshly fragranced cleansers for your home, too.

The light, fresh scents aren’t the only reason we love their Happy Place cleaning product line, which is celebrating its fourth anniversary on HSN this month. No surprise, given their farm background, but everything is also non-toxic and cruelty-free. Even better: To honor the occasion, it’s all on sale.

Still don’t want to pay all in one go? Opt for HSN’s Flex Play option instead, which lets you pay in monthly installments. Plus, if you’re a first-time HSN shopper, you can grab an extra $20 off a purchase of $40 or more with code HSN2022.

To a cleaning aficionado, Beekman 1802’s products are solid gold. They smell as fresh as line-dried laundry and bring that natural crispness to your home no matter where you live. Did we mention their cleaning essentials are on steep discount right now? So treat yourself—and a friend—to the most adorable dusting mitts or the fluffiest sheets and towels, courtesy of some clever dryer balls. Let’s investigate these HSN deals a little more closely, shall we?

Every pet owner has used a so-called odor-eliminating spray that smells worse than the odor it replaced. (Hello, “rainforest” with a soupcon of hairball.) Well, how does Sweet Grass, Lavender, or Citrus sound instead? Beekman 1802’s nontoxic Happy Place Odor Eliminator sprays feature natural botanical extracts rather than fragrances invented in a lab somewhere. They’re designed to help you feel refreshed and energized—pretty much the opposite of the way you felt when you found that surprise on the living room rug. Bonus: They’re PETA and Leaping Bunny certified as cruelty-free, which means your animals can feel good about them too. And because you get four 20-ounce bottles in this package deal, the grass you’re smelling will be greener for a long time.

The Beekmans’ sheep and goat farm puts its milk to use in its famous soaps and lotions. But what about the wool those grazing animals produce? It’s only natural they’d include wool dryer balls in their laundry line. These soft spheres—now $5 off—are a fantastic nontoxic alternative to dryer sheets or fabric softener, since they condition fabric with the lanolin they contain. (Did you know you can use traditional dryer sheets to repel bugs? Nobody wants pesticides on their sheets.)

Our suggestion? Replace your dryer sheets with these balls and don’t look back. “This is my second set of dryer balls from Happy Place,” says one HSN shopper. “The first set lasted just over 5 years. In all that time I have not had to buy any softeners. All items that come out of the dryer are just perfect. Hoping for another 5 years.”

Because they’re white, they’re ideal for white loads or sheets. Toss this set of four in with your towels or bedding, and it’ll come out softer and fluffier than ever—with less static, too.

Cleaning just doesn’t get any cuter than this. We mentioned the Beekmans are famous for their goats. Well, now you can be famous for your goats. These adorable microfiber cleaning mitts are perfect for dusting and polishing wood furniture. After you’ve given your house a clean sweep, just toss them in the washer and stick them over bottles of cleaner—like Beekman 1802’s Happy Place Wood Milk—to dry and animate your laundry room or pantry. “These are adorable,” says one HSN shopper. “And anything that can amuse me while I’m doing housework is a winner.”

Don’t you just hate when pieces of your sponge fall off while you’re cleaning — it’s just one more thing to clean up! That’s the beauty of silicone. It works hard and can nip into crevices but won’t disintegrate when you put it to work. These PETA-certified pads are so durable they’re reusable. Go ahead and clean your whole kitchen. They won’t scratch your stove or cooktop. They’ll also elevate the experience with their pretty pastel colors — pick yellow, purple or green — and sweet grass scent. “They smell soooooooo good,” says one happy HSN shopper.

This two-bottle set delivers a one-two punch of cleaning power and calm. That’s because one of the big bottles is a concentrate. You add just a smidge to the spray bottle then top it off with water to mix up a powerful natural bathroom cleaner. While you’re mixing, you’ll notice the transporting scent. According to the guys behind Beekman 1802, sweet grass from the banks of the river that runs through their farm in upstate New York has been used for its scent to bring happy vibes for hundreds of years. Trust it’ll make your bathroom a retreat, too. Happy showers praise the aromatherapeutic effect: “Smells wonderful!” says one. “Love Sweet Grass,” says another.

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